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DeFede Company Limited is a long-term holding company specializing in the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Insurance, Real Estate, A.I. and Consulting Industries.

At DeFede Company, our mission is to harness the full potential of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Through our forward-thinking investment strategies, we strive to create a long-standing steadfast company, while supporting the development of future industries, and contributing to a more interconnected, efficient, and prosperous world.

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We have direct experience and expertise in all the industries we operate in. We see the industries we operate in as the foundation of the 4th Industrial Revolution, setting trends in economic growth for the next 500 Years.

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Future and blockchain concept


Insurance concept.  Client click on insure button. Insurance icons: car, travel, family and life insurance, financial and health.



NYC Real Estate Exterior Architecture Chinatown Residential and Commercial Buildings

Real Estate

AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Deep learning. Machine learning. Singularity.

Artificial Intelligence



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